Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey, Chavez, you can't even produce enough electricity

to keep your cities lit; we produce this:
When not actively deployed, Comfort is kept in a state of reduced operations in Baltimore harbor. She has been used many times over the years and has been ready to ship out of Baltimore with 5 days' notice.

Patient Capacity:
Intensive care wards: 80 beds
Recovery wards: 20 beds
Intermediate care wards: 280 beds
Light care wards: 120 beds
Limited care wards: 500 beds
Total Patient Capacity: 1000 beds
Operating Rooms: 12
Departments and Facilities:
Casualty reception
Intensive care unit
Radiological services
Main laboratory plus satellite lab
Central sterile receiving
Medical supply/pharmacy
Physical therapy and burn care
Dental services
Optometry/lens lab
Oxygen producing plants (two)
Medical Photography
Four distilling plants to make drinking water from sea water (300,000 gallons per day)
Flight deck can handle world's largest military helicopters (CH-53D, CH-53E, MH-53E, Mi-17)

But you go right ahead whining about the 'invasion' the US is carrying out; and we'll keep ignoring you as the communist asshat you are.

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Windy Wilson said...

Haiti has been so ill-served by its leaders since Toussaint L’Overture kicked the French out of Saint Domingue, that it would be an unimaginable blessing were Haiti to become another American commonwealth like Puerto Rico.

It is the rule of law which enables liberty and prosperity to thrive. Liberty and prosperity cannot be commanded from the top.