Saturday, October 31, 2009

By the way, if someone starts the 'We have lousy health care!' noise,

point them to this:
American health care is simply the best in the world, and by many measures ithe competition isn't even close:

U.S. does 2x as many transplants as OECD average

U.S. has best cancer survival rates in OECD

Death panels in Britain are putting people to death who could have recovered

Death panels: now in kids' sizes too! Infants being left to die.

U.S. has more MRIS "it was found that Canada had 4.6 MRI scanners per million population while the U.S. had 19.5 per million"

U.S. has about twice as many MRIs as OECD average

And remember, this is what the socialists in the Evil Party, and a few in the Stupid Party, want to take over and screw up.

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Titan Mk6B said...

I remember a time soon after MRIs became available that Canada (all of Canada) had three MRI machines in operation. The same number that Tulsa had at that time.