Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes, I'm back to looking at all the usual crap

good and bad. Had a good weekend with people I hadn't seen in a while, and met a couple of new. Lucked out today and found some stuff I needed and some I wanted. Now, for some of the daily
bitching I know some of you come here for,

In case anyone needs to know, Eliot Spitzer is still a miserable, two-faced disgusting example of a hypocritical nanny-state politician.

Speaking of crooked, hypocritical politicians, look who's working to keep Rep. Charles Rangel(Slimy Taxdodger-NY) afloat and in office;
The lobbyists, including former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr., "bundled" more contributions for Rangel than for any other member of Congress in the last quarter, enabling the Harlem Democrat to raise hefty sums without lifting a finger.

Federal Election Commission records show that Rangel has received more than $213,000 in donations bundled by lobbyists since new rules requiring disclosure of those donations went into effect at the beginning of the year. Last quarter alone, Rangel, beset by tax woes despite heading the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, got $125,000 in bundled donations
Makes you wonder how many donations were received and how many favors doled out before, doesn't it?

Blackfive has a letter to the Procrastinator-in-Chief(at least in military matters):
Mr. President, deciding to do nothing is still a decision.

I demand, decency demands, Americans who believe in victory demand, and most importantly, the American families with family members in the fight, who certainly have the most invested and unquestionably the most to lose demand that the politics, excuse making and dithering end and that you give the necessary support to the men and women who are bearing the battle and taking the fight to our enemies. I am not asking, I am telling you to listen to those with the knowledge and skills that can turn the tide of this rapidly resurgent enemy we face and to give them the resources they ask for

Oh. Oh, God-DAMN the Park Service, those slimy little bastards, they're still screwing around with the Flight 93 'Memorial'; maybe a number of bureaucrats need to be added to the 'introduce to a rope' category.

Dammit, that just ruined a good mood. More later.

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Unknown said...

Yes, this is some pretty bad news.   It's the memorial design from hell that just will not die.

From your link:  Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey   I am especially surprise that Michelle Malkin seems to have drop the ball on this issue?   At the time the crescent fiasco started she was all over it, big time.