Friday, October 30, 2009

Since the word on Honduras has already ruined the morning,

here's something that's slightly better, except for the background: they've arraigned four in the gang-rape. That they've got four of them is good; that these miserable little excuses for humans did this at all, and a bunch of people stood around approving- some joining in- is truly disgusting. Were it possible I'd like to see everyone who just stood around also charged and prosecuted.

I'll make a wager: an investigation will show either no fathers in the homes, or 'fathers' who change around depending on who the mother is sleeping with currently and who's in jail. A lot of the people whining and moaning about 'hate against women', etc., are- many of them- people who've insisted for years that fathers aren't necessary, marriage is slavery and so forth. And this is part of the end result of their work. They ought to be happy in one way: it gives them more ways to talk about how horrible males are.

Hey, wait, wouldn't that make them guilty of a hate crime, with all the hating on men?

Oh, that's right, women and minorities can't be guilty of such; I forgot. Unless they're white women hating on a minority, then they can. Sometimes.

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