Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So Ahnold can screw honest gun owners with no problem,

and be part of the big damned mess in CA budgeting(if you can call it that), but he gets kind of thin-skinned about someone being nasty to him. Wonderful.

Hey, Ahnold? As to your bitching about the Legislature 'kicking the can down the alley', you're part of the bullshit. Ever heard of a 'veto'?

To San Francisco: maybe this was a substantive bill here that would have helped San Francisco; well, maybe if the Governor had been far more willing to tell cities "No, you can't loot the pockets of the whole state to help yourself", or if cities and counties had been less willing to screw the rest of the state for their own goodies, you wouldn't be in the mess you are. Hard as that may be for such a progressive place to understand.

As is, you keep raising taxes and regulating to death, and people keep moving to other states. Bitch at yourself in the mirror, dumbass, as you're the damn problem.

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