Friday, October 30, 2009

Senator Baucus(Evil Party Sleaze-MT) needs to be dragged into the town square

and horsewhipped. And then charged extra- excuse me, taxed- on any medical supplies used on his sorry ass.
When Sen. Max Baucus, Montana Democrat and Senate Finance Committee chairman, proposed taxing medical devices to raise $40 billion over the next 10 years for his health care plan, opponents started digging in and looking at what would be taxed.

It turned out feminine products, like tampons, were classified as "class I medical devices" and thus, the "tampon tax" was born.

The backlash was quick and severe enough against the idea that the committee quickly drafted new language that would exempt those necessities from the tax, along with all other class I devices, like tongue depressors, and decided to only tax class II medical devices and higher that cost more than $100
Hey, almost nothing will cost more than that, so it'll be a tax that rarely hits people, right?
Not exactly.
But, just wait for the revolt to start again because women will still pay a price under the new structure, such as new moms who want to use a powered breast pump to bottle milk for their babies. Those devices, labeled class II, typically retails for more than $100.

And all the rest of the more expensive, higher-class medical devices used by both men and women - such as pacemakers, ventilators, X-ray machines, powered wheelchairs and surgical needles - will also be taxed whether purchased by patients or doctors
So for daring to need the Nanny State-provided 'high-class' devices(SURGICAL NEEDLES?!?), Baucus and the other tax monkeys want to rape you; somehow, in their minds, it's only fair after all, to screw you so they can have more of your money to entrench themselves in power wi- er, take care of you with.

Hey, Montana, he's YOUR senator; what'cha gonna do?

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wolfwalker said...

And then charged extra- excuse me, taxed- on any medical supplies used on his sorry ass.

Medical treatment? Why bother? I'd prefer to horsewhip his ass -- better yet, use a cat o'nine tails -- and then simply deny him any medical care at all. If he lives, fine; if not, I for one wouldn't miss him.