Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apparently the Reclusive Leftist doesn't like questions

She has a post up on the Protected Species Crime Bill(no, she doesn't call it that) the Evil Party tacked onto the defense bill, and how there should have been more noise made about protecting women from hate crime. So I asked a question in comments: Why hate crime laws? Why not prosecute a rape as a rape, murder as murder, etc.? Why screw around with 'hate crime' legislation?

I just checked back, and the comment/question has been deleted. Apparently you're not supposed to question the need for some groups to receive special protection. Which is exactly what this crap is, you're saying that some groups are more human, or more important than others, therefore a crime against the protected species is worse than a crime against a plain old not-as-important human.

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Unknown said...

Obviously your comment didn't fit 'the narrative'.   And.   Whatever _you_ had to add in comment is/was/always-will-be irrelevant to 'the narrative' anyway.   You see only the leftist/progressive types (our betters) are capable of 'deep thought'.