Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another of the miserable excuses for humans in the Christian/Newsom murders

gets guilty verdicts. Which means this lower-than-pond scum being will get to sit on death row, eating well and breathing, for at least ten years before he actually faces the penalty.

I scanned through the comments, and there's the usual leavening of 'Forgiveness is called for' stuff.
Forgiveness needs to be asked for. For real.It's not something that's due to the bastard. And it's real easy to sit far removed from the families of the victims and lecture on forgiveness.

Hell with it. And him. Which is where he belongs, he and all the others.

Why yes, I am judgmental on things like this.


Windy Wilson said...

For the "Forgiveness at all costs" crowd, I suggest that they watch "O Brother, where art thou".
There is a telling point just after the "soggy bottom boys" get right with God, and one expresses some belief that that gets him off the hook with the law for stealing and escaping from the chain gang.
George Clooney's character says something to the effect that that's between them and God, and that doesn't affect their troubles with the law.
Forgiveness can only be given by the one who was wronged. I cannot forgive this putrescence for the murders of Christian and Newsom any more than I can forgive your debt to your mortgage company.
Oh, wait, that was what the banking and GM bailouts were all about.

never mind.
(where's that Sarcasm button, again?

Firehand said...

"Even if it did put you square with the Lord, the state of Mississippi's a little more hard-nosed."
I love having a DVD to look things up on.