Friday, October 30, 2009

One of the end results of the 'self-esteem at any cost-

bullcrap is whining like this:
The thug rang us and said: "I'm going to sue. I've got everyone staring at me because of this.

"He should be apologising to me. What have I got to apologise for ? I got arrested for it at the time and I got a fine. Now I feel all depressed."

Well, boo-freakin'-hoo. If you've not run across this before, here's what brought this on:

After complaining to police FIFTY times in a year, the 15st karate and jiu-jitsu black belt snapped when Andrews swore and pushed him on his doorstep.

Yesterday Jason said: "These thugs repeatedly abused me and my family and damaged our property. I've never gone out looking for trouble but think you've got to be able to defend yourself." He has now moved away from the estate with daughter Boudiccia, 22 months, and wife Rebecca, 23
Attention British Police: If you don't do the damned job, people are going to start doing it themselves. In this case, the troublemaker got decked; if things get worse, it wouldn't surprise me if clowns like this started turning up dead. Or just disappearing(shallow graves, LOTS of watery places in Britain, etc.) Because there are a lot of people in Britain who DO remember something about being British.

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