Monday, October 26, 2009

What just might happen in Britain would be a rerun of

Mussolini and Hitler in some ways, it seems:
Via Instapundit comes a disturbing report that one-fifth of the British electorate would consider voting for the British Nationalist Party (BNP), which is considered by almost everyone left or right to be a genuine fascist party.

How did Britain come to this state?
Short version: the government has been playing socialist and PC games and screwing over people who actually work, and make a country work, and that pushes people who see little or no hope into reaching out to someone they normally wouldn't. I'll excerpt this part:
By smearing as racist everyone concerned with illegal immigration and the overboard tolerance for radical Islam, the British left is desensitizing everyone to the legitimate charge when it is directed at the BNP. People think, “Well, I’m concerned about illegal immigration, Islamists, the white poor, etc., and I’m not a racist so maybe the BNP isn’t either.” The overuse of the left’s catch-all denunciation deprives it of meaning and force. People may simply stop listening to the left’s warnings because they’ve so many times labeled people with legitimate concerns as racist. By their own narcissism, self-righteousness and contempt, the left is actively driving people to fascist solutions just as their more radical ideological ancestors did back in the 1920s.

Worse, entire generations of Britons have been conditioned to believe that the state has a mo26ral obligation to care for them cradle-to-grave. It is a short step from there to the belief that the government has a moral obligation to care for native Britons first and foremost before all others. Such a longstanding belief in Germany certainly made National Socialism an easy sell to the German working class and poor

Remember the sign the guy had at a tea party? "No matter what the sign says, they'll call it racist." He was right, and in the longer term this is the outcome. One of them, anyway.

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Keith said...

The paralells between the labour party and the Wiemar republic are becoming difficult to ignore.

Britain already has several national socialist groups represented, and in power in its various "parliaments" such as sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru & the Scottish Nose pickers.

BNP is the only one focussing on the big electorate of England (55M population out of a total of around 60M for the whole of Britain).

BNP or wahabi, not much of a choice, and neither would respect a vote for "none of the above"