Thursday, October 29, 2009

This kind of idiocy ought to come up on a Monday

Taking a hot shower is harmful to Mother Gaia, and the enviroweenies want you to stop. Hey, they want to use cold water only when it's coming out of the tap at make-your-balls-disappear temperature, they're welcome to.

Connections, connections
... and this is the kind of thing that makes me think that, whatever it is, there's something at least highly embarrassing(to them at least) in the documents.

Hey, if Obama can blame all his problems on Bush, Anita Dunn can blame hers on a dead Republican.

Who's lying to who? Interesting question. Did Gingrich just not make sure of the facts, or is there some idiot reason he's pushing the liberal?

Hmmm. US federal agents said they shot dead the leader of a radical fundamentalist Islamist group after he refused to surrender on several criminal charges. The US attorney’s office said Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, was killed while exchanging gunfire with agents yesterday at a warehouse in Dearborn, near Detroit.

Ok, if this little bastard Levi Johnston wants to make veiled threats, maybe someone should start digging into everything about him. For starters, is he paying child support out of all this money he's making?

If only they reacted so swiftly to developments in other wars, such as in Afghanistan. They seem to care more about their own political image than they do about our military.

Now while they claim these job numbers are being corrected, their own web site still has what they claim is the wrong information.

Like he says, Hey, AP, welcome to the enemies list!

Question has become not "Will the Brits reach a tipping point?", but "Did it pass and they let it?"
A council has banned parents from supervising their children in public playgrounds until they have undergone criminal record checks.

Adults have been excluded from two adventure play areas in Watford, apart from a handful of council-vetted 'play rangers' who will assist youngsters, it emerged today.

Parents will be forced to watch their children from outside the perimeter fence.

Watford Borough Council claims it is just following Government guidelines and cannot allow adults to walk around playgrounds 'unchecked'
The Nanny State has your own interests at heart. And control of your kids. Wonder what these kids are hearing at school?
She said: 'Sadly, in today's climate, you can't have adults walking around unchecked in a children's playground and the adventure playground is not a meeting place for adults.
Actually, for parents it often is, while the kids play; just because you don't like it doesn't make it untrue.
And get this part:
'We have reviewed our procedures, so although previously some parents have stayed with their children at the discretion of our play workers, this is not something we can continue to do.
So they're claiming that even before this, their 'play workers' had the power to tell parents to leave their kids. Isn't socialism wonderful, where Great Britain used to be?

Even more risible, though, is the claim that the administration “is going to speak truth to power.” Hello, Valerie? Your boss is the president of the United States! No one is more powerful. As we suggested Friday, it really seems as if Obama and his men do not understand what it means to be president. Because their power is constrained–thank you, Founding Fathers!–they labor under the delusion that they are powerless.

Yet while this is all hilarious, it is also scary when you think it through. Great power entails great responsibility. There is little to suggest that Obama and his aides appreciate their responsibility, and much, including their incessant complaining that the previous president did a lousy job, to suggest an attitude of total irresponsibility.

The job of those in power is not to “speak truth to power,” though it would be nice if they spoke the truth once in a while
Yeah. From the comment Insty published,
But he’s finding out that governing by fiat doesn’t work for long in this country. The tags for his presidency so far seem to be Radical, Naive, FDR, Jimmy Carter, Socialism and Screw Up.
I'd change that slightly, to 'Screw You'.

Here's a bit more on the islamist in Detroit; think the AG will charge them with hate crimes over this language?
The complaint says that the imam or leader of the group, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, repeatedly used rhetoric that urged Muslims to seize power with violence and establish a society where Muslims would rule over non-Muslims.

“America must fall,” Abdullah said, according to the complaint. At another point, he “told followers that they need to be with the Taliban, Hizballah, and with Sheikh Bin Laden.”

“We should be figuring out how to fight the Kuffar,” Abdullah said at another point, the indictment states. Kuffar “is a highly derogatory term” used to describe non-Mulisms, the document states
Nah, I don't think so either; how can he charge a protected species with a hate crime, racial coward that he is?

Gee, it's nice that Obama nominates such wonderful people for such critical offices...
FBI interview summaries describe Stephanie Villafuerte as saying she had “no conversations” with anyone at the DA’s office about the illegal immigrant, Carlos Estrada-Medina.

But the FBI apparently never asked Villafuerte, the former chief deputy DA who was then working for Bill Ritter’s campaign, why she left a phone message for DA spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough that Kimbrough noted was about Estrada-Medina. The FBI also apparently never asked her about the nature of a series of phone calls she exchanged over the next two days with Kimbrough and First Assistant DA Chuck Lepley. Those calls came both before and after an order by Lepley to a subordinate to run a criminal history check of Estrada-Medina in a restricted federal database.

And, as I've pointed out many times,
It can be a crime to access the National Crime Information Center computer for a non-law-enforcement purpose.
So not only did President Obama's appointee lie- under oath, yet- about matters, the FBI failed to do their damn job right. Wonderful, isn't it, how some questions don't get asked of Obama appointees? Of course, it's possible this was simply incompetence, but I doubt it.

The Working Families Party, yeah; breaking the law for theiryour own good...
Lots of links from Malkin today.

I noticed the other day that while the defense appropriations bill being signed was reported, most media stressed the Special Protected Species "They're more human than you" Hate Crimes Law" that was tacked onto it; probably because if you actually talk about the bill, you might have to discuss all the slimy politicians raiding the troops funds for vote-buying earmarks.

Oh, goody. Maybe they'll call the company Jackson's Whole. And start farming clones for parts.

Bleah. I need tea. And it's raining, again, and a front coming in this afternoon just to chill things again. Talked to son last night, and daughter-in-law is sick, and it's worse than it should be because she didn't want to go to the doctor for days; yeah, she'll fit right into the family.

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