Saturday, August 22, 2009

Way back in the 70's I read an article in a magazine about wild dog problems

and how some areas were dealing with it. Was reminded of it by this(pointed to by Uncle) about two people being killed by a pack of dogs.

The article(the old one) was written by a guy who, on a regular basis, helped organize hunts for packs of feral dogs. We're talking about dogs killing livestock and pets, and sometimes attacking people; bad situations. One of the problems he mentioned having to deal with was people giving them crap because "You want to kill my Fluffy!"; they just would not or could not understand the difference between their pet and a feral dog that would kill Fluffy; or as part of a pack kill livestock and attack people.

I've noticed that the Disney Syndrome seems to strike in many ways, one of them being that a lot of people just don't seem to realized just what kind of damage a dog, even a small one, can do; you get into medium- to large-size dogs, they can seriously tear you up.


Vinnie said...

Even fluffy can run livestock to death.

BobG said...

I've seen a case of domestic dogs running with coyote-dog hybrids and killing sheep and a couple of calves. All the local people could do was corner the pack and shoot them.

Anonymous said...

I've been torn up by a dog and it was not fun.

64 stitches to repair my forehead. 13 to re-attach my eyelid, and there was nothing they could do about 1/2 the tear duct that the dog took. Even with all this, I was very lucky.

Any dog that is threatening me or my dogs will not have to worry about things for long...they will die. And I love dogs more than anything.