Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three cases of less-than-desirable LE actions

First, 19 shots fired without a hit; not good.
During a foot chase, police said, the suspect took a "firing position" and the officer opened fire, emptying his 16-shot Glock pistol, reloading and firing three more times before the suspect surrendered in the rear yard of a home on Queenston Cres.

The bullets hit at least three homes, although police said they're still investigating. No bullets hit the suspect, although one bullet smashed through a shed and a rear bedroom window of a Tweedsmuir home before lodging in a closet wall. A man who lives at the home was in the room watching the commotion from the same window just moments earlier
Not good at all.

Blog about the police, wind up arrested.
Elisha Strom, who appears unable to make the $750 bail, was arrested outside Charlottesville on July 16 when police raided her house, confiscating notebooks, computers and camera equipment. Although the Charlottesville police chief, Timothy J. Longo Sr., had previously written to Ms. Strom warning her that her blog posts were interfering with the work of a local drug enforcement task force, she was not charged with obstruction of justice or any similar offense. Rather, she was indicted on a single count of identifying a police officer with intent to harass, a felony under state law.
All this information was publicly available, including the photograph, which Ms. Strom gleaned from municipal records. The task force's officers may have worked undercover on occasion, but one wonders about their undercover abilities, given that Ms. Strom was able to out them so consistently. Chief Longo warned Ms. Strom that her blog posts were scaring off informants and endangering the officers and their families, but he provided no evidence. At no point did Ms. Strom's blog express a threat, explicit or otherwise, to police or their sources

Two Marin County sheriff's deputies watched from 50 feet away while a man killed two people with a shotgun on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge last week.

The deputies, detectives returning from an unrelated investigation in San Pablo, stopped traffic and radioed for help, Richmond police said Tuesday.

But they made no move to stop the killer's rampage or to follow him or take his license plate number
The description of the incident leaves some room for question, but this doesn't sound good.

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