Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have one last thing to say about the Scottish 'Justice Secretary'

releasing a convicted mass-murderer for 'compassionate reasons':
He said he stood by al-Megrahi's conviction and the sentence for "the worst terrorist atrocity ever committed on U.K. soil."

He added that he had ruled out sending the bomber back to Libya under a prisoner-transfer agreement, saying the U.S. victims had been given assurances that al-Megrahi would serve out his sentence in Scotland. But he said that as a prisoner given less than three months to live by doctors, al-Megrahi was eligible for compassionate release
Kenny MacAskill, you miserable, crawling little piece of shit. If you stand by the conviction then that bastard should have stayed in his cell, instead of you playing "I think he should get a hero's welcome and die at home with his family" games with this murderer.

Screw you, and if this is what the place has become then screw Scotland, too; one of the commenters at Tam's is right; all the good people left, and what stayed behind is morons and socialist fools like you.


BobG said...

I hope the Scottish people are angered; otherwise they might as well turn in their kilts for skirts.

Anonymous said...

Damn skippy all the good ones left. And what a shame.