Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember what I said about late summer weather?

This morning it was 20% chance of rain today, 30-40% chance tonight. As of about half an hour ago, we have this:

The yellow is tornado watch, the green flash flood watch. KTOK, a local AM station, just said 80% chance of storms tonight; the tornado watch is until 2300 here in OKC, and the flash flood watch continues till tomorrow morning.

Ok, some reporter just quoted one of the local weather weenies as saying the weather picture looks more like April than August, and he didn't mean it in a good way; April is usually when we have the most severe storms and tornados, and I could do without one of God's vacuums travelling through the neighborhood.

For the folks in north Texas who mentioned a lack of rain, I just found this at the NWS site:
Tonight  - Click for more information.
Most of the folks I know down that way are in the DFW area, so looks like they're probably out of luck tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Stick with the Oreck vacuum. If you get the Oreck XL, you get a 21 year warranty. I have one. It's awesome.