Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you wonder how far the hoplophobes will go

to paint anyone who owns anything they consider a 'weapon' as a crazy,
This, on the other hand, is mostly incoherent: “At Obama’s town hall last week in Portsmouth, N.H., a man was arrested for having a gun hidden in his car after the Secret Service found him at Portsmouth High School hours before Obama arrived carrying a pocketknife. He didn’t have a license for a concealed weapon.”

Let's see, the Secret Service freaked because he had a pocketknife!!! HOURS before the President even arrived... And what the hell is this 'concealed weapon license' crap over a pocketknife? And, for that matter, a firearm locked('hidden' in GFW-speak) in his car? Most places, if you have a firearm unloaded and locked in the vehicle, big freakin' deal, but these people act like he was waving it around, loaded of course, in front of the President.

This is part of the slow-motion hate crime we've been dealing with for decades.


Anonymous said...

Actually, in New Hampshire, if I understand the law correctly, you're required to have a permit to have a loaded gun in a car, whether concealed or not.

If the gun was loaded and in his car, and he didn't have a concealed handgun permit, he was in violation of the law, by my understanding.

Probably simply didn't understand the law. If he was open carrying...which is perfectly legal in New Hampshire...as soon as the loaded gun entered the car, he was breaking the law. He would have had to unload it before entering the vehicle in order to stay within the letter of the law. Most likely, he didn't realize that. He knew that he couldn't enter the venue with his openly carried handgun, so he just left it...still loaded...in the car...a criminal act in New Hampshire. Aren't you glad they're protecting us from such vile criminals?

Is having a pocketknife on your person while entering a school probable cause for searching a vehicle?

Probably not. I'd bet that the SS turned the guy over to New Hampshire police after finding the pocket knife. The Police asked the guy if he had any other weapons and he told them about the gun, then they asked him to show it to them, which he did...and was promptly arrested for his honesty.

Which goes to show...don't EVER volunteer ANYTHING to the authorities.

Remember the Miranda warning: "Anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you..."

Doesn't say one word about your statements being used FOR you.

Question one: "Am I begin detained?

If the answer is "no", Question two: "Am I free to go?"

If the answer is yes, GO.

If the answer to question one is "yes", or the answer to question two is "no": "If I am not free to go, then I am being detained and I require the assistance of legal counsel. I will answer no further questions without my lawyer present."

They will tell you all sorts of lies to get you to talk to them without your lawyer...that if you don't answer their questions they'll have no choice but to arrest you, that they just want to "clear a few things up" and then they'll let you go, that you're not "really" being detained, but you're REQUIRED to answer their questions or you'll be arrested for disobeying a lawful order, or obstruction of justice.

They are full of BS. If they have enough to arrest you, they will, regardless of your answers. If they don't have enough to arrest you, they CAN'T...unless you GIVE them enough to arrest you by answering their questions. If they arrest you for some trumped up "failure to obey" or "obstruction" charge, you can sue them later and you will probably win.

And, finally: NEVER consent to a search, even if you think you are "law abiding"...there are simply too many laws out there. I can guarantee you're breaking at least one of them at any given moment of any day.

Make them get a warrant. If they have enough to justify one, you're screwed already...they're not going to let you off for "cooperating". If they don't have enough for a warrant, you're just helping them GET enough on you to arrest you.


I'm not saying that cops are bad people. Most of them are just doing their job.

The problem is that their job is to find something to arrest you for. DON'T HELP THEM.

Sorry for the rant. Pet Peeve.

Windy Wilson said...

Some months back the Anarchangel had a pair of really good Youtube videos on this very point of not speaking to police, because it's not just that anything you say can be used against you, it's that anything you say will be used against you if they can come up with an angle for why it fits their theory that you did it. Don't forget Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart, forgetting is never innocent and any difference in details is a lie.