Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's start a collection with Obama harrassing the opponents

tactics, and Andrew Sullivan showing what an ass-kisser(metaphorically in this case) he truly is:
The most recent example of Obama-Planned onslaught was seen Sunday, when many established bloggers’ and message board users’ names and their links (including my own) were nearly simultaneously forged in messages on forums and blogs all over the net. The messages, falsely bearing our names, stated that we have had a “change of heart” and now “support Barack Obama”.

Knowing fully well that this entire onslaught was a forgery, the gleefully Obama-Complicit Andrew Sullivan posted this entry using a message out of context from a No Quarter thread. Sullivan used the term the Clinton “Dead Enders“. The idea here is to make his readers believe that these forgeries were real, that we have all truly had a change of heart, and the few remaining “dead enders” are in a panic over it.

Andrew Sullivan knows damned well that these messages in our names were forgeries designed by Obama’s campaign. The fact is, a NQ user was seeing all those forgeries on the net and was perplexed. As a deliberate participant of the Obama-coordinated effort, Sullivan used that message to imply those of us whose identities were stolen had actually written those messages
Further thoughts at The Donovan.

A lot of British nurses have doubts about the safety of the new swine flu vaccine.

And, on the White House Snitch Site, I just found this:
Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

E-mails to that address now bounce back with the message: “The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:”

'Chickenshit' is the title, which pretty much covers it:
You just can’t make this stuff up–
Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is holding a town hall meeting tonight…

…At the IBEW Local 606 Union Hall
Jerk probably pats himself on the back for it, too.

On the 'slip' by Sibelius' slip over the weekend, Mike reminds us of the 'hudna' the bad guys like to use in the mideast:
The public option — ie, the Big Takeover — will never go away as long as there’s one Democrat Socialist left in government to pimp for it.

I wrote a while back on the idiocy of the enviroweenies destroying farms in California; you know, the place they like to say "If the red states go away, we'll have the most grocery-producing state in Blue America!"? There won't be that much growing if these idiots have their way:
PAUL RODRIGUEZ, COMEDIAN/ACTIVIST: Well over a thousand, Sean. This is a testament of your message is getting to these people. They’ve been out here for hours. The only water this field has seen is our sweat. But it’s more than we’ve gotten from the government.

HANNITY: Well, Paul, we have had you on about this before. I want you to tell the entire story, because it’s almost unfathomable. Literally, farms are drying up.

RODRIGUEZ: People don’t believe it.

HANNITY: Go ahead, tell them. Tell everybody.

RODRIGUEZ: Well, the problem is the environmental laws, they’re not flexible at all. The very judge that pushed this order to cut off the water said that there was no swivel room to make accommodations for human beings. You know, this fish apparently takes high priority. All the water has been held back.

And we’re left with nothing but — right where we’re at, this used to be an almond orchard. We grew some of the sweetest almonds ever. Now it’s firewood. Do you want some? Nobody believes that how I got involved–my mother is from here.
We really — we tried to have the administration come to see about us. We haven't heard. They sent the secretary of the interior here. He gave us some nice lip service and said, "Oh, we're going to do this and do that." But at the end of the thing, we didn't get no water. Our fields are drying out. Something has to be done.

But today the San Joaquin Valley is being transformed into a dust bowl. Hundreds of thousands of acres are fallow, while almond and plum trees are being left to die in the scorching sun. Tens of thousands of people have been tossed out of work—the town of Mendota alone has an unemployment rate of about 40%—and the lines for food donations stretch down streets. The reason? There isn’t enough water to go around this year, and the Obama administration is drawing up new reasons to divert more of it from farms and people and into the San Francisco Bay.
Because sucking up to the progressives and enviroweenies is more important.

And another look at the Obama Socialized Medicine Support Teams:
Upon returning a group of pro-reform women were standing in front of my seat waving their ready made ACORN designed signs. My husband tapped one of them on the shoulder and courteously asked her to move as his wife needed her seat. She ignored him. I said “excuse me” THREE times and she looked at me and said, “You can sit over there where the other handicaps are sitting.” (Mind you this was in the hot sun on metal folding chairs and we had brought my own chair. That area was for handicapped and elderly constituents of Mr. Schiff’s …) I told her “I need my chair NOW!” as my arm was giving out and I was about to fall. My husband finally screamed “MOVE!” She and her coven screamed, “NO! WE DON’T HAVE TO MOVE ANYWHERE!” I had no choice but to shove her aside with my walker as I was about to fall and SHE STOMPED MY FOOT! I collapsed in the chair and screamed in pain. She and her friends started screaming “She’s LYING! SHE’S LYING! SHE ASSAULTED HER!!”

Of course other onlookers immediately swept in and backed us having seen her interfere with me getting in my seat and saw her stomp my foot…
Fortunately the kind policeman who placed us there came over and informed them I was the front of the line and to move. This harpie then started to mock me, laugh at my condition, even went so far to suggest I was faking, called me a effing bitch, this woman screamed at me so loudly just spewing hate that I was in tears: “You want everyone taken care of and you’re so concerned about others well being but you were more than happy to let me fall on the concrete and then step on me! You are a liar! You are a hypocrite! Shame on you!” I screamed “GET AWAY FROM ME!” over the din of 3000 folks in attendance some guys in suits finally came over and said she would be ejected if she said anything else to me
Wonderful people supporting the Dear Leader, aren't they?

Bobby Friendly apparently has lost the trust not only of many of the people, but of the magistrates:
In an extraordinary attack, the Magistrates’ Association said it is a “certainty” that officers will misuse powers because they cannot be “relied on” to handle them appropriately.

The comments have been made as part of the Magistrates’ Association response to the Government’s plans to allow police to issue £60 fixed penalties for careless driving.

Police have been accused of increasingly dealing with offences using on-the-spot fines as an easy way to hit the government’s crime targets.

Magistrates are worried that the number of offences now dealt with in this way is keeping some serious offenders out of the courts.
Paul Holmes, a Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: “It is a sorry state of affairs when the Government’s push for instant justice is driving a wedge between different parts of our criminal justice system.

“The police have been given wide-ranging powers without adequate debate. It is deeply concerning that even judges think they will abuse them.”

Last, I'm going to try one last test with the M1 and cast(unless one of them works as should, of course); I'm going to load up one clip each of several different bullet/brass loads using a powder charge known to work well, and see what I get. As a side note, I used to have a label tape setup I bought at Wal Mart before I stopped shopping there: a spool of yellow tape and a marker for it; you pullout out and tore off a strip, wrote your label, peeled off the backing and stuck it on. Handy as hell, and waterproof. I ran out about a month ago, and in desperation I went back to Wally World when I couldn't find it elsewhere. Guess what? Yeah, not there either. So I need to find a substitute.


Windy Wilson said...

Re Paul Rodriguez and California's dying farms.
I guess this is the sort of bipartisanship they can look forward to for being on the losing side.

Firehand said...

California has been not just farming but living on water piped/diverted from other places for decades. Add the enviroweenies to that, and people are in trouble.

And, considering the vindictive nature of some of the politicians involved, it wouldn't surprise me if you're right.

Anonymous said...

I read about this in the car news over at Exchange and Mart - Personally I agree with the magistrates, that the police will misuse this; I find it pretty worrying; its not the sort of thing that can be left to opinion and I am certain that some police will abuse this power if granted.