Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yeah, this is what a 'Washington Insider' thinks of us commoners

It seems safe to say that of the hundreds of thousands of style guides currently for sale on Amazon, not one of the didactic, shop-your-closet authors was prescient enough to outline the appropriate attire for those public occasions when good citizens decide to behave like raving lunatics and turn lawmakers into punching bags. What does one wear to a town hall meeting on health care when the sole reason for attending is to shout down one's congressman like a peevish teenager in the midst of a hormonal rage?
But lawmakers have also had to deal with innumerable folks who believe that the legitimacy of their protests over reform will be determined solely by their lung capacity. The louder and more obnoxious the scream, the more their message will register with the power brokers in the nation's capital -- or at least that is the thinking. There is, of course, a smidge of logic to this strategy. After all, if the squeaky wheel gets the grease, then perhaps the bellowing citizen can influence policy
So. We don't dress well enough(unless you're Nancy Pelosi who said too many of us were dressed too well to be believed), and instead of being nice, quiet people who just sit there when politicians try to brush us off and their buttmonkeys and union thugs try to silence us we actually get mad about it. And YELL. So we should be ignored, I guess.

I wonder if this clown said the same things about the progressive morons screaming and throwing things and breaking windows at universities to completely silence speakers they didn't like?

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