Monday, August 17, 2009

If you've got a Lee bullet mold that's sticky-

as in the bullets not wanting to fall out of the cavity without you whacking on the hinge bolt- here's something you might try; I found it in a review at the Midway site.

I've got a .312" 180-grain mold with that problem. After reading the review, I decided to try it, and being the patient sort I am, instead of waiting until the next time I cast, I took two bullets and a couple of long #6 machine screws. I drilled a hole as close to centered as I could in the bases of two bullets, about 3/16" deep, then ran the screw into the hole. Then, using one bullet for each cavity, I coated them with Flitz(the finest abrasive I've got available), placed the bullet in one mold block cavity, very lightly closed the mold and started turning the screw, closing the blocks completely as the bullet seated in. After a minute or so of turning I removed it, put on fresh compound, and repeated. Then did the same on the other cavity.

I've cast in that mold twice since, without smoking the cavities or doing anything else, and most of the time the bullets drop out when I open the mold; sometimes takes a tap or two on the hinge bolt. BIG difference.

Today I did it the way recommended by the guy in the review on a different mold: moved the sprue plate out of the way, set a nut on top of one cavity, then poured it full to the top; when it cooled opened the mold and removed that one and did the same to the other cavity. That gives the nut to turn the bullet with. I just polished both cavities in that mold, and next time I cast I'll try it. I'm hoping for results as good as the first mold.

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