Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Those storms that were moving this way last night

came through, and more are hanging around. I can't give a total because my rain gauge fell over, and the National Weather Service site has times when it shows 'thunderstorms', but no rain amounts. We're still under a flash flood watch(most of the northern half of the state is), and flooding happened in different areas during the night.

When I went to bed, the storms out in the Watonga area were heading this way slowly. 'Slowly' as in the weather weenies reporting them moving at an astonishing 1mph; which, with heavy rain, goes from toad-floater category to "The frogs are asking where Noah is."

The heavy we could have done without, but the amount of rain we've had over the last three weeks or so has really greened things up, nice change from the usual August brown.

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Anonymous said...

Be thankful for what you're getting, even if it seems a bit much all at once. Your resivours, streams & underground aquifers are getting filled.

Out West here, we'd LOVE to see rains (plural) like that more often. Want to try & send some back our way?

B Woodman