Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Socialized medicine = VA;

that's a GOOD thing?
In the past five years, I have had problems with my kidneys, liver, and pancreas due to the huge number of drugs I took for so long. I am now a diabetic due to that damage. I have bone spurs in my spine brought on from the steroid shots I received for years at the hands of the VA to help me manage the pain of my injury.

I just called on a new neurosurgeon last week. He will be operating to fix some of those bone spurs in my neck next week. From the time I had the MRI done to recovery room will be just under two months.

Two months.

Two months versus nine years of working through a government medical care program. One that made the lives of not only myself but also my wife and family utterly miserable for years.

If anyone thinks that the government running health care is a good idea, remember all the horror stories that you have heard about how the VA takes care of America’s heroes.

Remember that at least ten thousand vets at VA hospitals across the southeast had to be tested for HIV and hepatitis because the VA medical centers couldn’t follow the instructions on how to clean equipment, and that at least fifty have been infected because of that.

Remember that the Philadelphia VA medical center mismanaged the prostate cancer treatments of almost a hundred vets. And the list goes on and on.

And remember this story, too

A while back in comments a guy said that "Socialized medicine will be just like the VA system which does wonderful work." Which kind of grated against all the stuff I've heard over years about the VA, stuff like this. I don't doubt there are doctors and facilities in the VA system that are wonderful; in the overall it appears to be a standard bloated bureaucracy more concerned with itself than actually accomplishing the job. And that's exactly the health care we'll ALL have if Obama & Co. get their way.


K said...

Did you see John Lott's quotes from the Swedish Finance minister bemoaning how much socialism has cost Sweden in the last 40 years?

Windy Wilson said...

Good medical care from VA employees is something like ethical behavior of Muslims towards non-Muslims. In both cases it is because of the ethics and the dedication to higher principles of individuals within the system, and not because the system itself pushes people towards those values and behavior.

Firehand said...

K, hadn't seen them. I do know they've had serious discussions about it the last few years.