Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, it started with a nasty-sounding storm

that moved through about 4am. I know the time because it woke me up. Which is good, because I got the windows closed before anything blew in. Thunder, high winds, pouring rain for a while. Then it rained lightly off & on ever since, finally stopping about an hour or so ago.

I mention all this because last night there was 'maybe' a 30% chance of scattered storms overnight and about a 20% chance today as I recall; that turned into this, and they upped the chances for the rest of the week, too. Again, they can't predict what it'll do twelve hours later, but we're supposed to believe climate can be predicted(and caused by man, too!) 50 and 100 years ahead. Bullcrap.

No idea on amounts; my rain gauge fell over, and the Weather Service site has a lot of 'not available' notes on rainfall, including during the heaviest part. Had to guess, I'd say about 1/2 inch total, maybe a bit more. So everything's had a good drink. And the temperature's down; high today has been about 77. Tomorrow- assuming it doesn't cloud over again- they're predicting 90, then 80's the rest of the week; nice for late July.

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