Saturday, August 01, 2009

So Napolitano got permission to say 'terrorist'

again, probably to take some heat off. I'm sure some True Believer in the One pointed out that to an awful lot of hicks like me calling terrorist attacks a "man-caused disasters" and calling the war an "overseas contingency operation" is friggin' stupid; the kind of thing done by people far more worried about words than actually doing things("Doing things? That's so icky!")

But we can take reassurance that she also "...acknowledged an "increased presence" of homegrown extremism and called for increased cooperation on local, state and federal levels to thwart any potential attacks.
Unspoken was whether people pissed about taxes and military veterans are still considered man-made disaster creators. But it makes a good excuse for more control over the peas- er, people.
Asked whether homegrown terror risks have become a bigger threat than those overseas, Napolitano demurred.
"You actually want me to answer that question? And let the cover slip?"
"I don't know that you can rank them one or two," she said. "Both exist; they both must be dealt with. They are both things that we are concerned about and they're both things that we want Americans to be prepared about."
That's just very reassuring, isn't it?

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