Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brian Boru and generations of other heros are wondering

what the hell happened to Ireland?
Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has signed new gun control legislation into law.

The act bans handguns in Ireland and also introduces a requirement for referees, background medical checks and standards for the safe keeping of guns in the home for all firearms licence applicants
And what's the desperate need for this?
Mr Ahern says the legislation is designed to halt the emergence of a gun culture in Ireland.
Not 'to fight crime' or 'stop terrorism' or any of the usual excuses for disarming the peasants; no, he's an honest dirtbag, at least, to halt the emergence of a gun culture in Ireland.

Of course, there's been one for a long damn time; for many years the Irish Rifle Team held most of the long-range shooting titles in the world. Taking a scattergun or rifle out to hunt, or a weekend match, was common. But that was before the nanny-state took over and decided 'peasants should not be allowed arms, it's bad for the State'. Remember this from the previous article I posted on:
The Government has outlined its proposals for a ban on licensing handguns, which may be expanded to include all firearms in the future.
They make it plain, their ambition is to completely ban the ownership of firearms in Ireland. All for the subjects own good, of course; they can look over at England and see how well this attitude is working, can't they?

Of course, as is often pointed out, this really doesn't have a damn thing to do with crime control or safety control or whatever: it's about people control. And the stinking politicians who want as much as possible.

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