Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speaking of control-freak politicians,

Here’s a copy of the New Jersey Microstamping bill. It’s bad. Really bad. There’s a big distributor over in New Jersey, Sarco, that will be put out of business by this bill, as it makes it unlawful to bring any non-microstamped firearm into the state with the intent of selling it or transferring it, even if it would be to an FFL out of state. Here some other stupidity at work:

  • Revolvers? Need to have those microstamped. Can’t have criminals carrying around non-stamped casings in their wheel guns, you know.
  • No exemption for air guns, meaning air guns will have to be imprinted with the required microstamp, or will be illegal to sell or transfer in New Jersey after the date of this act.

and so on. Including
UPDATE: Just noticed there’s no exception for antique firearms either, so muzzle loaders will need to be microstamped to imprint on the non-existent casing.
The mind boggles at the level of duplicity, stupidity and power-hunger involved in this. What I'm tempted to call a 'bright spot' in this black hole of crap is
There is no exemption for police. This will apply to police departments too, since they procure either from dealers or distributors.
As I recall, New Jersey is one of the places that's been just wild about every 'smart gun'-type crap that came down the road, but always exempted the LE boys from having to worry about it. Probably out of dumbassery they either overlooked it or decided the cops wouldn't mind, so in this they would have to follow the same law as the peasants.

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Keith said...

I can see the gang members queing up now to get their guns done