Thursday, July 30, 2009

A perfect illustration of why so many people just don't trust the cops

is found here; take note of this part:
They took about 30 minutes trying to figure out if there was a way that they could charge me with a crime (the discussion was recorded on the dash cam's voice recorders). Matthew read me my Miranda rights. I asked what I was being arrested for and he stated "failure to notify". There were about 5 officers and patrol cars on the scene and a couple of the other officers chimed in and said I something to the effect of "you should know better because you took the CCW training class." I guess I missed the part of the class where you are put in a felony stop situation in fear of your life by an overly aggressive officer who does not listen to a word you are saying. Keep in mind, that I was not charged with nor was I arrested for any other offense than "failure to notify".

After conferring with his lieutenant, Matthew claimed that I failed to "promptly" notify that I have a CCW permit and that I had loaded firearms stored in my vehicle. Matthew later filed a complaint stating that I failed to inform him within 51 seconds of being detained that I had a CCW permit and loaded firearms legally stored in my vehicle
This, and the crap the prosecutor pulled, and the attitude of one of the judges, is a fine illustration of why so many people consider the justice system to be badly broken, and just why, as noted in the title, so many will not trust the police. They can, and many will, do that to you just because they can. Or maybe they decide you're not being submissive enough and need to be taught a lesson. There are lots of good cops out there who won't do this kind of crap to you, but it only takes one to screw your life around.

And, as has been noted before, they can do this knowing the charge is bullshit and suffer no penalty; whereas you
are arrested, handcuffed, searched and taken to jail,
your car is searched and impounded(and it'll cost you to get it out),
you have to make bail in most cases,
and even if the higher-ups are honest and throw it out you've had to go through all the above AND have an arrest on your record. Whereas if the higher-ups are like the clowns he had to deal with, you have to hire a lawyer, go through the trial and hope the jury doesn't buy the bullshit.

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