Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Justice Department has some serious problems,

that've been going on for a long time. Far too damn long:
Sullivan, who just two months earlier agreed to throw out the indictment against Ted Stevens because of alleged prosecutorial misconduct, did not hold back his frustration at a hearing later that day. "I'm not pleased at all with anything I've heard from the United States government," Sullivan said. Prosecutors, the judge said, knew the witness in Mexico recanted more than a year ago but did not tell the defense until May 22.

On June 30, Ye Gon walked into Sullivan's court unshackled and wearing an orange jumpsuit with the initials of the Central Virginia Regional Jail on his back. "This is the second time in less than three months in a high profile case that the Department of Justice has come before this Court and asked it to dismiss an indictment after allegations that ... information was not timely produced to the defense," the judge said. Sullivan noted the government made its "belated disclosure" about the witnesses after Ye Gon filed a motion for sanctions

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Unknown said...

On the same/similiar vein, Unc has a post up today (Jul 28) entitled 'First they came for the . . .' with two interesting links, FWIW.   From the looks; we are _all_ criminals just waiting for the Feds to get their hooks into us?