Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of guns do come with better sights now,

as Caleb points out, but this reminded me of something.

Friend, a while back, bought a Sig Mosquito, their .22 semi-auto pistol. The thing came with three front sights for adjusting elevation, and all were plastic; you could snap one out and snap the other in. Seemed like a cheap way to get around needing to adjust. As for the rest...

First time he took it out, it seemed that about 3-5 times out of every magazine the extractor wouldn't, which caused a jam, which caused cursing, etc. Ammo didn't matter, except that with most it wouldn't fully cycle; only one that would reliably do so was Remington Golden Bullet. So he called the customer service number and spent about 20 minutes on hold. The guy who finally answered was very polite and got him a return number and e-mailed a shipping label so he didn't have to pay shipping(very nice). Two weeks later it was back.

Now it extracted very reliably, but was even more ammo sensitive. He found that what it ran best with now was Federal 36-grain hollowpoints, BUT- only if he only loaded eight rounds in the magazine. If you loaded ten, you'd have to cycle by hand to eject the first two, and after that worked fine. Yes, he traded it off at the first opportunity and swore never to look at another one. I've heard SiG centerfire pistols are very good; apparently all their QC goes into them...


Anonymous said...

Damn. I was looking at a SIG Mosquito, too. Nice looking little pistol, reasonably priced.

I think I'll begin the search process for an older Ruger .22 Auto. The one I paid $38.40 for in '65 was as reliable as an anvil. Depending, of course, on the make and model of the anvil. Had to sell it to pay rent just after I got married. Lotsa toys went down that rat hole until I got settled down in a decent job. Oh, well. There are lotsa Rugers floating around, I'll find one.

Gerry N.

Arthur said...

"I've heard SiG centerfire pistols are very good; apparently all their QC goes into them... "


I own a couple of Sig 45's and love them. OLDER Sig 45's.

Their QC and customer service have gone seriously downhill since the latest management took over.

Heh for instance, their brand new 380 pistol is getting an 'update' because it apparently has a chance to fire when taking the safety off.

Firehand said...

Gerry, maybe he got a bad one, but after looking at some of the forums seems like a lot of people have had 'very picky about ammo' difficulties with them; personally, I don't think I'd get one.

Arthur, thanks for the info, I'm making a post of it; word on such needs to be spread around.