Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meanwhile, back in Honduras, the dictator wannabe

turns out to be getting money from unsavory sources:
Honduran authorities denounced on Monday the alleged financing by the FARC of deposed president Manuel Zelaya’s followers’ marches to the Nicaragua-Honduras border.

The article goes on to say that police seized a notebook and receipts showing that “Zelaya’s government officials and supporters, leftist leaders, farmers, union members, and at least one mayor and one governor” were paid between $2,500 to $100,000 for the “transportation of people and supplies” to the border region.

The information was gathered from a computer seized from a FARC leader. No money was seized since the funds had already been distributed.
So, the Friend of Obama, Chavez, Ortega and Castro is getting money from a terrorist group; anybody surprised?

Am I being too hard on President Obama? I don't think so; he's acted very chummy with these communist dictators, and acted- in the case of Honduras- either without knowing what he was doing, or knowingly in a manner that aided the dictator wannabe against a government acting according to law. It's possible he's just dumbass enough to have started talking without thinking, but I think it far more likely he knew just what he was doing.


Roberto Chahin said...

Thanks for your support for Honduran Democracy. We need to make sure people like you are heard and you can help us change world opinion of what happened here in Honduras. The Guy was a criminal. And the reason he wasn't taken to jail, but kicked out, is because he could have gathered a mob to try to free him (like he did two days before to storm an Air Force Base where sometimes US Military personel are stationed, JTFBravo). Kicking him out saved lives.

Firehand said...

All I can do is be a small piece of spreading information, and I hope it helps.

I can understand the problem. It's kind of like catching a major terrorist, convicting him, and then, instead of a death penalty, throwing him in prison; you always have to worry about his little friends kidnapping and murdering and saying "We'll stop if you turn him loose."