Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lawdog reviews the last Transformers movie,

and sums it up nicely:
No, ladies and gentlemen, the one impossibility that I simply could not wrap my mind around was that pair of white jeans.
Yup. At the end, after the long foot chase through the desert, battle all around, diving and crawling and running, with the primary hero looking like he'd been run through a badly-adjusted chipper, and Fox still had neat clothes, no visible scratches or smudges, and her damn lip gloss was still neatly applied.

I know they planned on lots of shots of her pouty lips helping bring in the teenage boys, but DAMN!, people...

I should note that he also opines on one of the idiocies of movie-making nowadays. I'll throw in, Uh, Mr. Movie Maker? On the occasions I see music videos, I DO NOT LIKE IT when you change scenes or angles every 1.5 seconds through the whole damn thing; why the hell do you think I'll like it when you do that through most of the damned movie?


Keith said...

Why waste time on crap movies when there's the new Harry potter, Ice Age 3 (poor Scrat, he's not suited to domesticity...)and Bruno (guaranteed to offend EVERYONE).

Marja said...

When you have a 13 years old godson most of whose friends have already seen said movie you don't have too many alternatives. Well, that kind of movies can actually be sort of relaxing. Just stop thinking and watch the eye candy (in my case the guys playing the soldiers, and some of the machines. I'm a pretty straight woman).

And they a trailer of G.I. Joe. And looks like there is a good chance I will end up watching that one too.

Firehand said...

Hey, I was visiting friends and they wanted to see it, so I went.

Saw the trailer, Marja; first thought was "Oh, this is SO gonna suck." But the kids like yours will probably love it.