Saturday, July 22, 2017

Scene from the range

A bit more blunt than what the guy actually said, but I think covers it:
"No, you can't shoot your new AR.  Because while it does have a rail, you didn't put any sights on it.  And you're not allowed to shoot something without sights.

Also, what drew our attention to this is that you were rapid-firing said rifle.  Which is strictly against the rules you read and signed off on.

Refund?  Because you're a dumbass who brought in a rifle with no sights?  Really?"

This is about the third time I've seen this.  One guy had a brand-new AR variant chambered in .30-06, and wanted to try it out.  WITHOUT SIGHTS.  What the hell are these people thinking?


David said...

I know a retired federal LEO, who removes the sights from his pistols. Says they are superfluous, and claims to be writing a book on the subject. I stopped giving him any credence, and also a wide berth when he ND'd into the back of his pickup truck (and nearly into me.)

Arthur said...

"brand-new AR variant chambered in .30-06"

That's one I hadn't heard before. They must have stretched the 308 version out a bit to get that to fit

Brian said...

This is why gun ranges are forced to close.

Firehand said...

Yep. Longer upper and lower, their own BCG, most of the other components are AR standard