Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Take a successful(very), adaptable(VERY) predator,

treat it like it's a poor widdle fuzzy that only wants to be friends, and yeah, this is what happens.

Think I mentioned once, the biggest coyote I've ever seen was right the the middle of Oklahoma City one winter.  Make themselves at home anywhere.

So the racists at La Raza have discovered that a lot of people, including 'hispanics', aren't racist and don't like racists.  Also, and more important to them,
Appealing to a broader swath of this diverse group is necessary now that the "fat years" under President Obama are gone.
Guarantee, if these bastards still had a friendly face in the Oval Office, they'd be pushing LA RAZA!! just as hard as they could.  Remember, their motto is For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing
Downright National Socialist, isn't it?

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