Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I've been thinking about putting together a upper in 5.56

simply because there's so much of that available, and sometimes on sale it's not worth reloading for general practice.

I've discovered that, if I can find a complete upper on sale, it'll be cheaper than buying the parts and putting one together.

Over to Californicated,
Gun-control groups have not expressed much public concern over the delays and setbacks. The 2016 California gun-control measures represented a bright spot for the movement in a year that largely favored the efforts of gun-rights groups. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence did not immediately return a request for comment from the Washington Free Beacon but previously said they were not worried about the delayed implementation of new assault-weapon regulations.
Of course they're not troubled; things are horrendously screwed up and gun owners and firearms-related businesses are the ones being screwed by all this, which is just find with the Brady bunch.

Over to The Media.  Y'know, the clowns who spent most of a decade covering for and boosting Obama & Co., but now scream and yell about how they're not being properly respected.

Very much a case of "You bastards made this bed; deal with it."

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Tsgtjoe said...

I have built [assembled] 2 ar's I bought a nice upper from Palmetto state armory and a complete lower and a complete rifle kit from sportsmans guide. I have seen mixed reviews about palmetto quality control, mine is good, good price. They also have an enhanced trigger kit for about 30 bucks. The trigger sucked on a anderson lower. I replaced with the kit and it's smooth.