Sunday, July 16, 2017

I do wonder if they got the idea from acid attacks on 'immoral' women?

A horrific wave of acid attacks have overtaken London, leaving victims gruesomely disfigured and suffering life-altering injuries amid a growing trend that's seen the corrosive liquid become the weapon of choice for British attackers.
This is nasty.  But don't worry, Brit lawmakers are right on it:
The spike in attacks has prompted some lawmakers to call for restrictions on the sale and carrying of corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid.

Yeah, that'll do it.


Anonymous said...

I'm a computerized luddite, Why does google chrome say access is denied to certain sites? Are they censoring?

Anonymous said...

This was a 16 year old muzzie that did 5 separate attacks, they will let him off instead of putting him down. Why people don't see through islam is beyond me. How many times can people tied to a certain religion say they want to kill you before the idea sinks in? In the last 20 years how many terrorist attacks have "NOT" been linked to muslims? Muslim linked attacks have been in the high 90's percentile. Get a clue, make preparation and listen to your gut.