Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Range day was had,

and I did not melt.  Never made it to the pistol side; by the time I finished the rifle stuff I was too hot, and it was late enough, that I had to go.  But did find some things out, including that some people either don't think, or are jackasses.  As in I saw a glint in a trash can, and found almost fifty rounds of new, once-fired .270 brass.  Someone actually took the time to pick it up, put it in the cartridge sleeves, and throw it in the trash.

I think I know someone who'll be able to use it.

More on the rest of the stuff later.  I need to drink some more, and eat something.

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taminator013 said...

I think that it's about time that I head to the range. Haven't been there for a while. Got a nice package delivered by FedEx this morning. Eight pounds of Unique. Pretty decent price from Ballistic Products. Ended up costing $23/lb including shipping and Hazmat. I've needed it for a long time, but nobody ever seemed to have it in stock. I have practice loads for at least ten different handgun calibers and 16ga shotshells worked up with that powder. Sure would have been a lot of trouble to redo everything with a different powder, but then again it may be fun.........