Saturday, July 22, 2017

About that brass processing,

since I got the Lyman rotary tumbler here's what I do:
Get home, throw the brass into the old vibratory tumbler to clean powder residue and such.  Picked-up cases are sorted and run through separately.

Bottleneck cases such as .308 and .30-06 I lube and resize, then measure.  Any that require trimming are trimmed.  These are set aside until there's enough of them for a load in the rotary.

Straight-wall cases(.357 Mag, .45-70, .45 colt, etc.) are checked over.  Then, for most of them, I use a depriming die to punch out the primer, then set them aside until enough for the rotary.  They rarely need trimming; those that do get it now so they'll be ready to load.

Cases intended for general practice I take no special pains on.  Cases intended for serious shooting I sort by length, or pick a lot and trim them to exact length before loading.

That's my process.

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