Monday, January 11, 2016

Obviously these agencies need their budgets cut;

if they've got so much money free that they can make their own SWAT teams, then they've got way too much.
Nearly $2 million spent by the Department of Veterans Affairs on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor, a “milo return fire cannon system,” armored mobile shields, Kevlar blankets, tactical gear and equipment for crowd control.
In the case of the VA, they're probably planning on using it on vets who get sick of being crapped on.

Bullshit.  Just piles of it.

Dealing with bullshit of a different variety:
This image of a Native American environmental ethic, however appealing, is more myth than reality. The actual history of Native American resource use does not always mesh with the spiritual environmental ethos attributed to them. By focusing on myth instead of reality, environmentalists patronize American Indians and neglect the lessons of their rich institutional heritage encouraging resource conservation.


genericviews said...

The Indians were environmental because they had no choice. They had no industry, no cars, no WHEELS. Few of them cultivated land. They had no written language and no history. They were at one with the food chain and not always at the top.

Firehand said...

Have to disagree on a couple of points; depending on place in the Americas, a LOT of them cultivated land, pretty efficiently. And built cities, big ones.

Does make you wonder: while they had some record-keeping methods in some areas, if they had developed a written system... all kinds of possibilities.