Thursday, January 14, 2016

Screw the news, let's talk bread stuff

Sourdough, specifically.

I decided to give making a sourdough starter a try, dug around, and found this page, among others.  Most were pretty similar, so I started with their method.  Which, be it noted, is slow this time of year; I tend to keep the thermostat down to save on the gas bill, so that makes for a slower process.

Short version: whole-wheat flour and water, mix, let sit a day.  Take out half, add all-purpose unbleached flour and water to the remainder, mix, let sit.  When it starts showing bubbles, repeat the feeding twice a day.

Mine's still going slow, and I'm cheap, so tried the suggestion that the starter not ready for making bread will work for biscuits and such, here's the result.
They did rise nicely, good texture and flavor, go damn well with butter and honey.  Or make them big, and put some ham and a fried egg inside. 

The starter is working, I fear it'll be a few days more before it'll be ready for a try with bread. 

And, I just discovered, I could've looked at Brigid's place and gotten a faster starter going.
And, by the way, if you haven't seen her stuff yet, you really ought to remedy that.  I'd suggest starting here, if you don't start with the above.


Pawpaw said...

We all biscuit blog occasionally, it must be the time of the year.

Phelps said...

Last summer, the wife and I did a sourdough starter and had a lot of success for practically no additional work over making bread. I heartily endorse it, especially as a grid-down skill.

We would still be on it if the wife didn't need to go back to ketogenic eating and it being too much bread for me to eat. Be warned, once it gets going, you're likely to end up with a lot more starter than you expected, so this recipe is good:

They taste a LOT like cheezits, even without any actual cheese in it (from the starter.)

And of course, when I think crackers, I think beer cheese.

Firehand said...

I hadn't seen those recipes...
this could get interesting