Sunday, January 10, 2016

Take shoulder.

Add new exercises.
Add cold morning.
Ache.  Fair amount of ache.

It is improving; quite a bit the last month.  I still wouldn't try shooting a rifle right-handed unless I had no other choice, but it's getting better.

Wasn't that long ago that a torn cuff meant "It'll hurt for the rest of your life, and you'll lose more and more function.  Deal with it."

Then came surgery.  Big scar, lots of work to heal up the damage done by the cutting needed to repair the tear.  But if you did the work, it would get better.

Now the surgery, for almost anything except a joint replacement, can be done with three small incisions.  Hugely less damage, which means faster healing and less pain.

Some moron starts bitching about going back to the good old days, kick them somewhere sensitive.

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John said...

Agree, had right one done years ago with large slash. Left one done a couple years ago with small incisions.

If both had not been fixed, life would be miserable. Even so, things like this weekend's use of the overly complicated ladder to take down Christmas lighting means an achy day and some aleve.