Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More people getting tired of being screwed around by a union

“The unions have become what they used to fight,” she says. “They have become powerful and entrenched and they are so focused on their own self preservation that they aren’t doing what is right for the members.”

When a California teacher refuses to pay the political portion of the full amount of union dues they are effectively cut off from interactions with the union, Friedrichs says.
"Give us the full dues, including the part we use to do crap you don't agree with, or else."

And these cops will wonder why people don't trust them.  Or like them.
Read the whole thing, excerpts just don't cut it.

Speaking of idiots wondering why so many don't trust them,
"Yes, yes, a lot of women were raped and otherwise molested, and we tried to cover it up, but THAT SHIRT IS WORSE AND CAN'T BE TOLERATED!"

This is bullshit.  'possible marijuana plant matter' my ass. 
Apparently there's no real crime in that area, so the Johnson County SO and MO Highway Patrol have time for garbage like this.

Speaking of bad cops and prosecutors.  You'll notice the bastards got away with their crap, despite lies and fakes and lives destroyed.

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taminator013 said...

I'm wondering how long it will take the cops to raid my home. I start my tomatoes, peppers, etc. in the house in February and March so they are ready to plant in the garden as early as possible when the weather turns warm. They sit under a bunch of grow lights in a heated garage. I also carry a lot of wet plant material out to the compost pile every week. I can't wait for the false positive for opium that they get from the dead poppies. My most egregious sin was in buying a little stainless steel grinder that is sold to make "tobacco pollen". I got it for grinding basil and oregano. I later found out that said "tobacco pollen" is a euphemism for marijuana dust. Hey, I'll be 62 in two months. We just called it weed back in the day.

And a tip for all you stoners out there: A little electric coffee grinder works much better.

Don't bogart that joint, my friend...................................