Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anderson, thanks for confirming that for us.

From my perspective, I wanted an intelligence discussion. I wanted him to actually address people who disagree with him, not just people who agree with him that so often happens at, you know, a presidential news conference or presidential announcement.
Next time someone starts that "There is no bias at NBC/wherever!" crap, send this to them.

Ever notice that the main reaction of the .gov and GoodThink people to warnings being proven correct is "They were right, we've got to shut them up!" ?

Obama talks tough or at least talks about the concept of being tough. But not with terrorists or ISIS. Just the other day President Obama mocked the idea of bellicose speech when it comes to those bad guys. No, only one set of bad guys elicits strong emotions from Obama: his critics. And among them, most especially Republican ones. Because the only real enemy he’s aware of are enemies of his precious legacy.

So what is it about children being shot by a mentally disturbed man, but not children being gassed or tortured to death, that provokes the waterworks? It comes down, I think, to agenda.

Remember that officer who was 'shooting at the aggressive dog/dog that was biting him' and killed a woman?
Hill (left) and Burlington officials, have since changed their story, and now say that he slipped and fell and that’s why he fired into Steele at near-contact range. An Iowa public records board has filed suit against the agencies standing between Hill and accountability. (This is a separate action from any the family pursues for damages; this is about transparency).

For Hill, there were no consequences, at least, no negative consequences. Burlington Police Chief L.D. Beaird gave him seven weeks of extra vacation as a reward; he returned to duty a month after the whitewash absolved him of any criminal charges.
This is bullshit.  Complete and utter.  People need to be fired over this, and I include the chief and any other official involved in covering this up.

I'm hoping this pans out.  REALLY hoping.  'Game-changer' would be an understatement.  A drive that would allow this kind of acceleration on this kind of fuel...  You'd have to build and launch it from orbit; very doable(especially with private enterprise now running that 'launch, deposit payload, land, reuse' rocket available).  Then explore.  And, not that far down the road, mining of asteroids.  All kinds of stuff.

Of course, figure on the usual suspects crapping bricks and waving "Keep Space Nuke Free!" signs.


Toastrider said...

Re: That last one: Ohhhh boy. I'd heard about this a while back. I knew that scientists had replicated the effect (the remarks were 'It does work. We don't know HOW it works yet, but there's something going on here.')

If NASA is giving it a thumbs up... we might gain the stars yet!

Firehand said...

I admit to a tendency to say "Screw NASA; go with the people you just launched, delivered a payload, and landed."

This would have to be built in orbit, but considering the folks above, I don't think that's that big a problem anymore.