Saturday, January 16, 2016

Must be nice to be one of the Only Ones

The supervisor "admitted to purchasing and distributing the automatic weapons despite knowing that they violated NPS policy; admitted telling rangers who received the automatic rifles not to display them to others; and admitted to, at a minimum, not making it clear to his supervisors that the automatic weapons needed to be converted to semi-automatics," according to the report.

"He also provided inconsistent and implausible statements in his responses to our questions and caused us to doubt his overall truthfulness and candor," the report said.
Aside from the other possible objections, last I heard the BATFEIEIO still says 'Once a machine gun, ALWAYS a machine gun' about converted receivers; apparently that doesn't hold true when you're a fellow fed agency.

Speaking of agencies with crap they don't need,
As I always say, the US Secretary of Education doesn't employ a single teacher but he is the only education minister in the western world with his own personal SWAT team. Americans will end their days in a very dark place unless this vile trend is reversed.

Around the planet, Russia's neo-tsar, the Chinese Politburo, apocalyptic ayatollahs, Afghan goatherds and Benghazi jihad punks laugh at the very idea of American power, but on the home front, if your estranged wife failed to repay her college loan or you drink loose-leaf tea, you'll get your door kicked down and be cowering in terror.
And I'll bet every agency SWAT team is considered to be covered by qualified immunity, so when they do this crap they can never be held personally liable for it.

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