Monday, May 09, 2016

There seems to be a strict dichotomy on the subject of cops

with a lot of people: either you consider them the heroes of society, hold that the bad ones are very few and far between, and deserve near-worship,
You hate them, think they're all jackbooted fascist thugs, and want them all to DIE!



Phelps said...

I think that dichotomy is largely geographical.

If you are in a large metro area, all the cops you see/know ARE all jackbooted fascist thugs (or at least turn their face and forget everything they see while their fascist compatriots put their jackboots on the necks on the populace).

If you are in a rural area, you think that the bad ones are few and far between because there is only that one bad one in your area (never mind that all the good ones in your area never manage to work up the courage to report That Guy for beating up teenagers and stealing from the Mexicans.)

Odysseus said...

I tend to take the individualistic approach. There is no higher praise than Oath-keeper and no fouler damnation than Oath-breaker. This applies to all positions of public trust and authority, and in proportion to such positions trust and authority.

Firehand said...

Phelps, I believe you are correct.

And Odysseus, I think that sums it up nicely

Dan said...

And then we have reality....which is the simple fact that there are NO GOOD COPS.
There are the bad ones that lie, steal, assault, violate rights and commit crimes.
Then there are the bad ones that see this behavior and DO NOTHING. If there were
good cops they would do their jobs....arrest the ones they witness doing all these
horrific things. But that only happens when their is video proving their associates
are criminals and thus they can't safely turn a blind eye to their sins. In short
the system is rotten, corrupt and worthless and all part of it are criminals either
by commission or omission.