Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Good thing this happened in one of the PROMs, where they have all those gun laws,

otherwise someone might've actually gotten hurt.

Ah, the healthcare law YOU KEEP PUSHING BLEW HER COSTS UP, you stupid socialist.  But you won't understand that, will you?

Actually on the BBC, in (formerly Great)Britain:

Guy is attending Oxford, on a Rhodes Scholarship.  Craps on waitress who has not a damn thing to do with what he's whining about, because Social Justice.
“It was a protest action, it was not directed as Ashleigh – and quite frankly, Ashleigh’s feelings are irrelevant to us.”
She's the one you crapped on, asshole, she IS the one you directed it at.  You're a miserable little bastard.

Wonder how much taxpayer money the EPA wasted screwing with this guy over a pond?

Sounds about right: idiot working for Obama brags about manipulating and lying to the media(and how easy it is), and media is all pissed at the guy who wrote about it.  Because that's what important about the story.

Of course, it's not like this administration hasn't lied to them before.  Then tried to cover-up admitting it.  Etc.

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