Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hey, he's only some stupid jarhead,

why let him being kidnapped and tortured get in the way of what Dear Leader wants?

It's gotta be so encouraging to the troops, knowing the CiC doesn't give a shit about your lives.

As the Chicago Tribune’s map of shooting incidents demonstrates, the incidence of shootings across the city corresponds quite neatly with each neighborhood’s demographics.  The uncomfortable truth is that in Chicago, as in any other American city you could name, those neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of blacks and Hispanics see the highest levels of violent crime.  One may argue why this is so, but not whether it is.  If the police are asked to address this crime, officers will of necessity be deployed where it occurs and come into contact with those responsible for it.  Some small percentage of those contacts will be acrimonious; some still smaller percentage will be violent.
But, as we’ve discussed previously here on PJ Media (here, here, and here) in Chicago, as in many other cities, officers are coming to the conclusion that the risks of these violent contacts are prohibitive and that a prudent regard for one’s livelihood demands a less zealous approach to combatting crime.  No, the cops aren’t afraid of getting shot or stabbed or otherwise injured in an altercation, they’re afraid of becoming the next YouTube sensation when an arrest goes wrong and fails to unfold in a manner approved by cowardly department brass, unprincipled politicians, and ignorant “community leaders,” all of whom exhort the cops to go out in the streets and stop the madness, but to do so without hurting anyone.
And while only arresting people in numbers that evenly represent whatever the preferred racial mix is, and screw who's actually committing most of the crimes.

I'm convinced that a horrible number of the politicians don't really give a damn how many people die, or are raped, or robbed: they care how they can use the numbers to get votes.  Nothing more.

"Nobody wants to take your guns" my ass, Part 87:
According to its post in the Federal Register, the SSA plans on reporting any “disability” or “benefits” recipient who: falls anywhere on the improperly-expanded “Autism disorder spectrum,” has been diagnosed with an “anxiety disorder,” cannot handle his or her own finances, or belongs to any one of myriad other categories defined by, you guessed it, the federal government. The public has sixty days to “offer comment” before the overlords who take their money and hand it out again will act.
And sooner or later they'll define "I want to own a gun" as proof that you're not mentally sound enough to own one...


cannon said...

wanting to own a handgun...or any gun, proof of a mental problem....
but dressing up as the opposite sex, and demanding use of their restrooms and locker rooms is perfectly normal and acceptable.

what world are libs living in????

Gerry N. said...

Well, I'm now old enough that I no longer give a sh*t what the thinks of my mental state. The official who tells me I'm no longer fit to own a gun will find out "right soon" what possession of a sidearm, pocket knife or ballpoint pen enables me to do.

You see, Da Missus takes care of the family money, both dollars of it, 'cause numbers and I have nearly a 7 decade record of mutual dislike and discord. On the other hand, mechanical typos excepted, I can spell, know English Grammar inside and out and can and have corrected alleged scholars with PhD's in (you guessed it---) ENGLISH!!