Wednesday, May 11, 2016

And after I didst press the trigger for the third time,

and look through the glass of far-seeing, Lo! this was the image before me

created by the Mini-Sharps, Alliant, Starline and Hornady and CCI.  And a heavenly chorus didst seem to sing from the heavens, and it was good.

And, though sorely tempted by the demon Adjust, I didst not diddle with the sight, as it would have been an abomination in the sight of the angel Leaveitthehellalone(yes, I know I've done it before, shut up during my religious experience, you bastards).

And thus was range day.  I shall now sit in quiet contemplation.  Details may follow later, for those who insist on being so informed.

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B said...

Details, please.