Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Likely to be an interesting spring & summer in Europe

"I heard screams, I saw a man lying on the ground, begging a man who stood over him. 'I love God, I love Allah,' he was saying, obviously to save himself," the newspaper quoted the witness, who has not been named, as saying. 

Paul H was wearing "blood-soaked socks" he said. "I have no idea where his shoes were. As he walked away, the man on the floor to him and whimpered: 'That guy stabbed me in the back!'"
One dead, three wounded.  Guy was apparently a druggie(assuming true), so may have been that as much as Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.  Then there's this:
Elsewhere in Europe today, Italian police have arrested two Afghan men on suspicion of planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Britain and Italy, including targets in London and the Colosseum in Rome.
...Police are searching for three other suspects involved in the same alleged plot.
And how many others are out there?

Some thoughts about the racial bullshit on college campii, backed by research.  Including this:
In their book “All That We Can Be” (1996), the sociologists Charles Moskos and John Sibley Butler describe how the U.S. Army escaped from the racial dysfunction of the 1970s to become a model of integration and near-equality by the time of the 1991 Gulf War. The Army invested more resources in training and mentoring black soldiers so that they could meet rigorous promotion standards. But, crucially, standards were lowered for no one, so that the race of officers conveyed no information about their abilities. The Army also promoted cooperation and positive-sum thinking by emphasizing pride in the Army and in America.
Which would never fly because most college administrators don't have the balls to hold to it, or the ethics.  No different standards?  Pride in America?  They'd rather be ass-raped on the quad at high noon than even suggest that.

President's paid liar admits it.  Journalists act amazed.  Most of them have spent days trying to ignore Rhodes laughing at them about being idiots and eating his crap, now they're upset?  Borrowing from Insty,
The piece was clearly a source of frustration for the White House, which is looking to burnish Obama’s foreign policy record during his final year in office.
The Iran deal is a debacle, and the press went along because (1) Rhodes is right and they don’t know much; and (2) They’re happy to be lied to anyway, because they’re Democratic operatives with bylines.

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0007 said...

The pc popo's there are already considering the possibility that the perp had mental problems. 'Cause they KNOW that his being a muz terrorist(BIRM) couldn't possibly have had ANYTHING to do with his actions.