Saturday, May 14, 2016

And from the Sanders and Greenie Wonderland of Denmark:

Denmark’s government abandoned plans to build five offshore wind power farms Friday amid fears the electricity produced there would become too expensive for Danish consumers. 

“Since 2012 when we reached the political agreement, the cost of our renewable policy has increased dramatically,” said Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt, a Liberal Party politician representing the country’s minority government, according to Reuters.
'The cost' being that they pay subsidies- big ones- to these scam artists.
Danes have paid billions in taxes and fees to support wind turbines, which has caused electricity prices to skyrocket even as the price of actual electricity has decreased. Now, green taxes make up 66 percent of Danish electricity bills. Only 15 percent of electricity bills went to energy generation.

Electricity prices have gotten so high, the government has decided to slash green taxes on consumer energy bills.
Translation: the people being looted to pay for this finally screamed loudly enough that the politicians decided 'We can't keep getting away with this.  For now, anyway.'

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