Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The project has been roughly zeroed

Only 30 yards at the indoor, but it should be real close to dead-on at 50, which will save ammo for getting a final zero.

Mentioned it before after I'd fired a AR-10 in .308: I'm impressed by how the design helps tame recoil.  With this you know you've touched something off, but it's nothing awful.  If you were going to put a bunch of rounds through it you'd want some kind of recoil pad, but for a half-dozen, no problem.

Now I'm wondering, as a quick search didn't find anything that looked good: anyone know of a decent recoil pad that'll fit on a A2 stock?


Leigh said...

Sims Vibration Labs makes some nice stuff. Brownells has a couple sizes of slip ons.


Whitehall, NY

Firehand said...

The Limbsaver pads are about the best I've ever used. And yeah, a slip-on for the range would probably be the best idea.

Which, now that I think, I may have one in a corner somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I splurged a while back when I bought my DPMS LR-308 and ordered the
Miculek muzzle break
and apart from the giant *BOOM* I can't tell the difference firing that and a .223 AR.

Granted the 308 also has the bull barrel and weighs like 20lbs, but that's just nitpicking. :P

Firehand said...


Saw something at Oleg Volks' place looks interesting, a linear compensator: directs most of the muzzle blast and a lot of the noise forward, away from the shooter. Doesn't reduce recoil, but moving a lot of the noise the other way would seem a fine idea.