Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Why police shouldn't use Glocks'

is the title; I tend to think it's more of a "Why police should spend more time training with their sidearms."

I mean, crap, every single screwup he mentions involves something like
The fellow officer failed to do a chamber check before pulling the trigger as part of the handgun's normal disassembly procedure. When the gun fired, the bullet went through a gap in Forsyth's body armor.
A rookie officer with his finger on the trigger of his pistol tensed as he pushed open a stuck door; the added pressure on the trigger caused his weapon to fire a shot down the stairwell.
which isn't a failure of the tool, it's a failure of the user.  Hell, NYPD went to the New York Trigger on their Glocks, which means trigger pressure about that of a double-action revolver*, but if they can't train the idiots to keep their finger off the trigger, they're STILL going to pull the damn thing when they didn't intend to.

And blaming the pistol isn't helping.

*Which then caused various people to yell that "You can't shoot accurately with a trigger like that!"  Which surprised the hell out of people who shoot double-action revolvers quite well.


Pawpaw said...

Yeah, but equipment is cheap, while training is both hard and expensive.

Even my grandsons know to keep the booger hook off the bang switch. And, they giggle when they say it. Grandpa is such a cut-up.

Firehand said...

Yeah, equipment is cheap, but just how much are they going to pay out in lawsuits because badly- or insufficiently-trained cops shoot someone they shouldn't have?

Of course, it being New York City, they might consider the lawsuits cheaper; after all, it's only average citizens getting shot, right?

Anonymous said...

So his argument is that police officers are too stupid to be trained? Works for me.